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AK Contracting, LLC.
 is a full service property preservation, REO maintenance, and repair services company.   We are committed to working closely with our clients to deliver the products and services that best fit their needs. 

    AK Contracting, LLC. offers an array of services that protect and preserve our client’s assets till the sale of the property.  We provide services to Banks, Mortgage Companies, Investors and Homeowners.

   Trying to find qualified trashout haulers, rekey specialist, handyman and lawn care and pool upkeep is hard to find and expensive when searching for each trade. We at AK Contracting, LLC. can take care of all your needs from top to bottom. We prepare your home investment or foreclosed property for the market in a quick and timely manner.   Have your Asset Preservation needs supported by the best in price, service and quality workmanship.

   We understand the importance of getting your home or foreclosure back on the real estate mortgage market as soon as possible. With the trickling of sold properties in the commercial and residential foreclosure market, getting properties turned around as quick as possible for potential residential home buyers and commercial property investors is key. 

    We understand the quicker the turnaround of your property, the faster your property can be viewed by possible buyers.  We can get cleanouts, trashouts, hauling, locks rekeyed, handyman repairs and yard service started for you. AK Contracting, LLC. will make sure your home or property is given the attention it deserves. Once your property is ready for the market, we can continue to service your lawn needs and other needs as you see fit. 

     Contact AK Contracting, LLC. today at 770-854-8795  or email us at akcontractingllc@gmail.com  for more information.




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